Trailed Direct cut choppers


With the shortest chopping height and the best blowing ability, Calabria® is built with S235 steel materials. Withered forage is healthy and important source of feed for your animals. Calabria Plus® can reap the withered forage thanks to its ability to chop extra short. It can cut the withered forage easier than its competitors.

From small, mid-scale to large farming operations, the Challenger range of professional silage harvesters are some of the most desirable machines on the market. Excellent intake capability, PATENTED FLYWHEEL ® with 12 knifes, as well as SUPERBLOW® via 12 sweeping paddles are just some of the key features of the Çelikel Challenger® silage harvesters.
Providing maximum performance with minimum energy consumption is the main characteristic of Çelikel. Challenger® family offers high harvest with low fuel consumption with its light weight and strong transmission system without exhausting your tractor.