Trailed Manure Spreader

The modern technologies applied in the spreaders ensure comfortable work and high durability of the implements. The N276 FALCON 2.0 manure spreader with a ensures a wide spread of materials with a load capacity of 6, 8,10,12 and 14ton.

The FALCON 2.0 includes a standard Vertical 2-rotor spreader adapter. This is a multi-purpose spreader capable of spreading wet, dry as well as processed manure. It is also used to organic fertilizer as well as manure with a proportion of straw and semiliquid fractions. Spreading range 4-8m.

A unique feature exclusive to the Falcon 2.0 is the optional interchangeable Zeni Horizontal disc adapter. This adapter is designed for high performance spreading of organic fertilisers. Due to its large working width, it requires the increased power of tractors aggregated with the spreader. Spreading range 8-14 m.

A specially designed longitudinal spring suspension hitch reduces the dynamic loads on the drawbar eye while in operation as well as improved driving comfort during application. The structural design also provides a lower loading level of the implement.