12 Volt Pneumatic Seeders

Orbach Agri is the proud distributor of Lehner 12V Pneumatic seeders in South Africa. These seeders are a great add-on to our disc harrows, and enable the farmer to cultivate and seed in one action! The Lehner Vento is a German product with cutting-edge engineering features built into the system. Calibration can be done in only a few minutes, and the accuracy of the Vento is hugely impressive.

The Vento features a powerful blower and comes in 8 pipe (1 blower) and 16 pipe (2 blower) units.

We have successfully seeded a wide variety of crops ranging from fine seeds like teff and eragrostis, to bigger seeds like oats and even soyabeans with excellent results.

Orbach Agri can assist to install the Vento onto the implement when a disk harrow/seeder combination is purchased. This includes brackets to attach the seeder and hopper, brackets to attach the baffle plates, and a neat platform with steps to ensure safe operation while loading seed. a Donaldson filter gets fitter to minimize dust in through the blower.

For detailed information on the Vento, please visit the Lehner Vento page.

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