Hitched tedders

A tedder is an implement used for haymaking after cutting and before windrowing, and uses moving forks to aerate or “wuffle” the hay and thus speed drying before baling. The use of a tedder allows the hay to dry more evenly, which prevents mildew or fermentation. They work best on finer gras like Smutsvinger, Eragrostis, buffalo grass. Mower conditioners are preferred to speed up drying on grass with thicker stems like Lucerne and oats.
Orbach Agri offers various models for all your needs. Our tedders are manufactured by Samasz, Poland. They come standard with a two year warranty. Please see the technical section for more information.

We also offer a Mesko combination rake-tedder which can be used for both tedding and raking, by adjusting the position of the tines. This is an extremely versatile implement as they can rake and tedd. They are ideal for the smaller haymakers. They are also often used to open windrows that got rained on in order to dry the material.

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