Fixed Chamber Balers

The Orbach Z562 baler is a simple, yet efficient and durable 1.2m round baler.

Our target market is the farmer that makes up to 2500 round bales a year. a Big emphasis is placed on affordability, without sacrificing quality. This machine will get the job done very efficiently, year after year, and the affordable price tag makes it a very attractive option.

A small tractor can be used, 50 kw and up is recommended. Only one hydraulic channel is needed, the control panel switches between the pickup cylinders and the chamber door by means of an electrovalve. Almost all the adjustments work mechanically, so the risk of failure is very low. Examples include the preferred degree of compaction of the bales, or the amount of net you want to use on each bale, all adjustable.

It comes standard with a feeder rake roller behind the pickup to ensure smooth feed into the chamber. Roto feed is optional.
The pickup and PTO shaft have break bolts for safety.

Realistic expectations:
Capacity: +- 250 bales a day.
Bales weight: +- 230 kg

16-roller chamber
The reel-type baling chamber features 16 rollers that ensures a high degree of compaction, with precise and even density of the bales. Notches are placed around the perimeter of the rollers to limit material slippage during baling.
The baler chamber is mechanically secured with a lock – the hydraulic pump of the tractor is not ballasted during operation.

Control panel
The control panel features a simple bale counter, which can be reset by the operator. It is also used to trigger net binding when the chamber is full, and it controls options and settings like twine or net wrapping. The control panel will alert the operator when the chamber is full, and when the door is not closed.

Standard features:

  • net wrapping system
  • twine wrapping system
  • chain central lubrication
  • bearings central lubrication system

Optional features:

  • silage applicator
Length [mm]390040004000
Width [mm]247024702470
Height [mm]205020502050
Weight [kg]235024502750
Minimum tractor power [kW]505070
PTO rotational speed [rpm]540540540
Chamber feeding systemPick-up and fork feederPick-up and fork feederPick-up and rotor feeder (rotor+knives)
Pickup width [mm]180018001800
Tyres400/60-15,5 14PR400/60-15,5 14PR400/60-15,5 14PR