Front Loader Attachments

Orbach’s range of MetalFach front end loaders will ensure that all your loading requirements get fulfilled on and around the farm. We offer entry level loaders that will get the job done, as well as high end models with lifting capacity up to 1,6 ton for heavy duty type work.

All models feature the euro coupling standard to ensure compatibility with other attachments that confirm to the same standard. These attachments are very quick and easy to hook and the driver can typically do that without any help.

Our front loaders are all self levelling to minimise the need to trim and tilt manually, and speed up the loading process.

A variety of attachments are available which get sold separately, as every farmer has his own requirements. We can also supply you attachments alone if you already have a loader.

Typical applications include the following:

  • Moving of hay bales using a bale fork.
  • Moving of silage bales bales with a soft-hand bale grab to protect the plastic wrapping.
  • Cleaning camps from livestock manure with a load bucket attachment.
  • Loading of planter seed and fertilizer bins with mass bag attachments.
  • Moving and loading of pallets using a pallet fork attachment.
    General loading, eg. moving of sand.

Although not mandatory, a tractor with a wet clutch works better with front end loaders. Every installation will need a super construction that fits on your tractor to connect to the loader, as well as a hydraulic installation. Please give us a call to discuss more information.

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