Çelikel Challenger silage harvesters

From small, mid-scale to large farming operations, the Challenger range of professional silage harvesters are some of the most desirable machines on the market. Excellent intake capability, PATENTED FLYWHEEL ® with 12 knifes, as well as SUPERBLOW® via 12 sweeping paddles are just some of the key features of the Çelikel Challenger® silage harvesters.
Providing maximum performance with minimum energy consumption is the main characteristic of Çelikel. Challenger® family offers high harvest with low fuel consumption with its light weight and strong transmission system without exhausting your tractor.

Challenger 1

Small and mid-scaled businesses’ professional solution CHALLENGER® 1 can harvest up to 1500 m² per hour with only 40 hp power requirement. Also due to its hydraulically controlled directed head and funnel system it can direct the silage to the desired area in the trailer with strong blowing system ‘Superblow’.

Challenger 2

Challenger 2® Row Independent Forage Harvester is designed to harvest maize and various feed plants which are taller than 1 meter disregarding the row thanks to the wide reaping rollers unit. The machine executes its task even in difficult conditions. It does not exhaust your tractor due to its lightweight design. You can be sure that its strong construction will handle pits, bumps and all the other extraordinary conditions.

Challenger 3

Presenting you the one and only forage harvester which can be run by only 110HP. Once again Çelikel® proves that big machines can also be worked with low power requirements by its engineering abilities.