Round Balers

Z529 Fixed Chamber Balers

The first Orbach drum mower was deloped in 1992. These mowers were designed to be robust and durable, with the purpose to handle African conditions well. These mowers feature a unique V-belt driven system, with only one L gearbox from the PTO shaft to the main Belt drive pulley. The drums turn in the opposite direction, resulting in the material laying in windrows after being cut. From the belt pulleys on top of the frame, a shaft goes down to the cutting drum. Each cutting drum has 3 blades with get attached using a quick release system. At the bottom of the shaft, a sliding drum gets attached to a hub. This drum controls the cutting height at approxamitely 50mm. Each cutting unit has 4 grease nipples that needs to be greased daily. These mowers don’t demand lots of power, and they are very economic on diesel usage. One cut on each plant results in minimum hay loss.